Sunday, June 7, 2009

It's the Weekend

IT’S The Weekend; now for some it’s a time to relax after 5 hard days of work and most of us look for this to come. However, in my house we look for it to end; as you will see the weekend for us bring the unknown. As of the request from Gal’s Wartowski and Groszek Zion mother picks him up at 8 am on sat and drops him off at 5:30 on Sunday. Now this is 33 ½ hours that this 2 year old child will not eat, will not get the love and protection that a 2 year old should. And, said to say it could just be the last 33 ½ hour of his short life.
Let’s deal with the facts and stop being a society that feels just because a woman has a child that this gives her some power to make this child hers to own and throw away when she wants. A lot of people have stated that since Joyce is the mother then she can do what she wants with Zion. When a woman carries a child during those 9 months she can abort that child at any chance she wants. Under the law once that child is born she can not just toss the baby into the trash; or just leave the child anywhere. However; we still give children this property tag that a mother can do what ever she feels like to the child.
Zion’s mother Joyce did her best not to bring him into this world. She asked and begged for the money to terminate Zion; however she came up with some plan that if she turns her self into DCFS as a runaway who was Pregnant; that the state of IL would give her an abortion; and when they placed her into a hospital she figure that they would do it for her; she just never knew that Christian hospitals don't do that; nor will the sate of IL. Now once it was made clear to her that her wishes for ending her pregnancy were not going to come through, Joyce left the hospital to go party; never thinking about the child she was carrying.
Now, once Zion was brought into this world; Joyce was begging for anyone to take him. She just wanted to rid herself of this unwanted gift. After no taker (as you see Joyce was a ward of the state not Zion; so all he came with was love) my family came into the picture just before DCFS could step in and make Zion a ward. Joyce had 2 cases of child endangerment charges calls placed on her and number 3 would have led to this. So we took in Zion at 6 months; Zion was a very weak baby that needed a lot of love, care and medical needs; as Joyce had only taking him to the doctor once since he was born.
When my family stepped in; Joyce begged my family to keep Zion; she just wanted to rid herself of him and we did this and there were a lot of ups and down dealing with Joyce; however she made it very clear that she did not want Zion; up until he became a chicken that lay golden eggs.
Once Joyce was educated on what all (little to me and most) DCFS and the state of IL would give a women to bring a child into DCFS Joyce decided to cash in on this pay day. So the case took longer than normal, one whole year and my wife were giving full and legal Guardianship of Zion June 24th 2008; there was not any contact from Joyce about Zion. However, it was more about how Joyce wanted to do things to my family; And once I was forced to obtain an Order of Protection on Joyce; she was once more Educated on the fact that Aunt Martha’s would supply her with a so called dream team of attorneys to help her fight all her cases and help her get Zion back so that she could one day turn Zion over to DCFS. So Joyce with the help of her team filed a motion to get Zion back in August 2008; less then 2 month after legal guardianship was granted.
Now, the fight in Joyce was one for Life as she needs Zion now. She will be 20 this year and unless she can keep Zion she might be aged out of DCFS and have to do what most of us do everyday and that’s get a Job. Also, CVLS pick a new GAL and supervisors Wartowski and Groszek for Zion. However, these new GAL has made it clear that they are on Joyce side not Zion. They believe it’s their job to help save this poor black woman and give her every chance in the world. These women have been so blind that they have over looked drugs use and gang activity around Zion while he is in his mother’s care., and just so that they can go home at night and feel that they have done some good in the world and Joyce will get her hours needed to get her rent paid.
The same Judge in the probate case this time spends more time looking and talking about Joyce’s ward of the state case and how Joyce is doing so well (no job, no school or trade); it makes me wonder does Joyce still have her same GAL that was the brother-in-law to the Judge. The Judge talks about things that have never been talked about in the probate case and the Judge has said that she has not even read the file in this probate case. The Judge has said that all she knows about this case was that Joyce cried on June 24th 2008 when she lost her son (meal ticket). The Judge has been to busy reading or getting information on Joyce’s DCFS case and how important it is for Joyce to get Zion back for that case and how it the job and duty of the guardian to make this happen so that Joyce can move on in her DCFS case.
So when I talk about how the weekend for my family are not good ones; we know at any minute or second one thing in Joyce’s gang life can take the life of Zion. I would love to ask the Judge and Zion Gal’s Wartowski and Groszek would they trust Joyce to keep their children over the weekend; and they would say NO! So why should we trust her to keep the child that we love. Does it make them sleep better knowing that since Joyce was not able to get rid of Zion before he came into this world that Joyce she should be giving a second chance to take his life? As GAL Groszek said in court her job at this point is not to worry about Zion, however to make sure the Joyce has every chance to spent time with him.
The 2nd time around for this case has taking a turn for the worst and the new GAL’s Wartowski and Groszek keep saying that since I won't back off and keep talking and blogging about these issue I'm going to get on their bad side; well, I guess it better to be on their bad side in life then watch this child loose his life at the hands of Joyce’s action. So for every person that feels that a child belongs to the mother; don't get upset when these so called mothers take the child’s life. It’s like an old saying; I brought that child into the world, so I can take the child out like Andrea Yates, Dena Schlosser and Rozlynn Rodgers who took their child’s life so that she can go out on the weekend.
So as everyone enjoy the weekend and have fun in the sun; just think about what we all did when we were 19 (with out children for some) in the summer time on the weekend and know that Joyce has a 2 year old boy that she never wanted living a life of gangs and drugs and figure what she will be doing. Joyce never ask to get Zion every weekend, she wanted ever other weekend, however GAL’s Wartowski and Groszek asked don't you want him ever weekend and she just said I guess so. So these next 33 ½ hour in my family life are ones on eggs shell as we look for Sunday 5:31 PM to come.
At the age of 2 ½ Zion has gone from spending his weekend getting books to read, spending time out back and going to see his favorite movies and eating; to becoming a man growing up in a life of drugs, folks and GD’s. The Judge and CVLS Wartowski and Groszek are alright with this; why not it’s her child (and not their) as they said. Joyce’s attorney have just set back and let the GAL’s in this case do everything, they know the life that Joyce lives and they figure that when this bomb goes off they can just point the finger at the Judge in this case and GAL’s Wartowski and Groszek

If you would like to read more about my 2 years in hell with DCFS please look at my blog And reach one and teach one; so please give these people a call and ask the GAL to remove themselves from Zion case and Call DCFS directors and ask him to stop making these young women keep these children that they don't want just to stay in DCFS. And call Govern Quinn and ask him why he wants us to pay more so that the state can waste more on cases like this. Aunt Martha’s has spent about 30k just on this and if you did not know the money comes from the tax payer in State of IL.
CVLS 100 N. LaSalle St. Suite 900 Chicago IL 60602 (312-332-1624) Director of DCFS Mr. McEwen 312-814-1445 or 312-814-4111 Fax# 312 814-1888
Governor Pat Quinn 312-814-2121
Senator Toi W. Hutchinson (708) 756-0882 (708) 756-0885 FAX
Representative Anthony DeLuca (708) 672-0200 (708) 672-0700 FAX
Representative Lisa M. Dugan (815) 939-1983 (815) 939-0081 FAX

You can look up yours representative at
Aunt Martha's (708) 747-7100 (this is who started all this)
The next court date is on 7/2/09 at the Daley Center Rm. 1806 at 1:30 pm Judge McGury (lets bring in the light)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Room 1806

Today in room 1806, I got an education into why so many young black males are on the streets in the city of Chicago killing each other. Well, as you will see the Guardian AD Litem (GAL) in this probate case, Wartowski and Groszek were given a job of life; to protect and make sure that one minor child is in a safe and secure environment; and bring an end to the cycle that some young black males find them self in everyday and that DOC and DOA.
These women felt that it was safe and more important for Zion a 2 year old to spend his weekend going from reading and being safe; just to be with his biological mother who is a know gang member and know for drug use; just so that this mother (Joyce) can fulfill her requirement under Pathway (DCFS) rules. You see as a 20 year old ward of the state; Joyce can only continue to have her Rent paid ($650), get her link card ($200) and get $68 month cash if she can show that she spends time with Zion. As you see she does not fit the standers under this program under any other way; Joyce does not have a Job; she is not in school; nor does she have a trade.
GAL Alecial Wartowski and Jennifer B. Groszek today (6/3/09), found out that Joyce doesn't feed Zion during these 36 hr weekend visit; Gal Groszek said that she does not need to know for sure if Joyce has clothes or food for Zion (like they said it’s not the job of the Gal to see the child or make sure his mother has anything for him). Zion GAL don't even care that Joyce has taking him in a car with other gang members during one of these weekend visit that they ask for; this ride was so that Joyce could go jump on some girls at her old group home. These women found out that Joyce was in Indiana with Zion at some guy home having sex; drinking and using drugs and then to top the night off Joyce pass out in their basement. The GAL for Zion told my wife’s attorney it’s our job to get the police report about these issue and the names of the people involved and then send them a copy and they might look it over then.
These GAL don't care that Joyce takes Zion to homes where drugs are being used with minors; or that when asked about this in court under oath Joyce said that Zion was getting the drug smell (that we reported to them; DCFS and the police) on him from riding the bus. Now the Gal pass this drug use off; by saying we never asked for a drug test. Well, as the GAL for Zion knows we have to pay all our legal fees; and any test our self. So and as the person who job it is to look after Zion they have not asked or demand one to this date; and they can get it free.
So we see that the Gal don't about Zion, so what does GAL Wartowski and Groszec care about? Well, apparently my blogs are more important to them, so much that they want me to stop my blogs. They have said that if I don't they will make it seem as if I'm the crazy one and ask the courts to give Zion to Joyce or any person that they can find to take him.
Now, CVLS has spent so much time looking at my blogs on line that they have forgot their main job and in doing so Joyce has been able to post gang stuff on line with Zion pictures. The Gal and the Judge in this case found nothing wrong with this; even after just this week a Chicago Police Officer have his life taking by some of these weak gang members (and it just happen to be the same one Joyce is a member of).
When will GAL Wartowski and Groszec and the Pro bate court Judge feel that Zion safety should come first; when we carry his body in a little box after Joyce has taking him off somewhere and he gets a bullet that had her name or her know gang member boy friend name one it. Or how about after Joyce leaves Zion at another dope house; so she can just go off and just enjoy her self.
Last week I was told that CVLS Wartowski wants me to back off or else. However, I was not told what or else means. I have been told that these GAL have said that if I don't they will make it seem as if I'm just some crazy person. So I can guess or else is back off or they will make me spend the weekend with Joyce; like they do Zion.
Well, I'm not crazy; I'm just sick of all this madness that I see ever night on the news about some young black male who has lost his life or taking the life of another. Every time I hear the Judge in this case say to Joyce “you are doing everything they ask of you” I have to ask my self what in hell is being asked of her. Joyce will be 20 this year and will be 21 next year. Joyce has one year left to live the life that she knows of; that’s one that gives Joyce free rent, food, bus pass and $68 a month; now what will happen to Joyce once her year run out.
As I was driving home about 6:30 pm I notice a bunch of people walking down the street heading toward the local church; now I had to call my wife and ask her had she ever seen this. And she told me yes; those are the homeless people that have to check into the church before 7 pm to get a bed. Now I have to wonder, will this be Joyce (and Zion) next year; I can bet you it will. The GAL’s in this case should take the high road and remove themselves from this case as we have requested. Because it hard for them to work on the behalf of the child when they are spending more time looking at my blogs than looking at his mom gang blogs and taking care of what best for Joyce now and not looking at what’s best for Zion.
I think that if these women want to say on they need to look and see what is the duty of a GAL under 705 ILCS 405/2-17. These GAL need to understand that they are not dealing with some weak un education spineless person who will just sit back and let them gamble with this Zion’s life.
The Gal’s and Judge in this case like to talk about what my family is not doing for Joyce; and how it’s my wife job to help Joyce get Zion back. Well, not ever Joyce own Attorney felt that she should get Zion back; so why would my family just hand Zion over to Joyce with out fighting for his life first. Now; I just want to make it clear, we have spent over 6k so fare in this case to make sure that Zion does not go from Guardianship to DCFS into DOC. So why wouldn't we fight for Zion now; and only a fool would just hand Zion over at this point to end up DOA!

If you would like to read more about this you can go to my blog site

Or can you please call CVLS and ask that they remove themselves from the Washington case since they have lost track of what their job is: CVLS 100 N. LaSalle st Suite 900 Chicago IL 60602 (312-332-1624)

Something that is done today, will be reflected on tomorrow

Something that is done today, will be reflected on tomorrow

This letter is to apprise people of a situation that I believe merit everyone’s attention, as well if brought to the attention of people I feel someone may want to be of help! My name is Mahdee Muhammad I am a 41 year old male that has been education with a BA in History; minor in Political Science from Jackson State University and a Master in Education . My wife name is Danielle; she also has an education from Jackson State University with a BS in Education (focus in 3 areas) and has her Master in Education also.God place Zion into my wife and I life at the age of 4-month during January of 2007; his biological mother, Joyce Washington, a unemployed 19 year old who has been a ward of the State of Illinois under DCFS for the past three years. Joyce received her GED in the summer of 2008 and her master in milking the system also that year. Joyce is currently living in a transition apartment under the budget of the State of Illinois under Path Way Inc. (a subdivision of Aunt Martha’s). My wife has been the legal guardian of Zion since June 24, 2008; and before that Zion had been living in our home in unincorporated Cook County since March of 2007 full time. Let me just give you a brief synopsis of why I am writing this letter.When Zion was born on August 20, 2006, he lived with his mother in an unstable condition until they were place in my mother’s home in November 2006. During this time Joyce had 2 cases of documented child endangerment filed on her. My family was asked by Aunt Martha’s Inc to take in Zion; so that DCFS would not step in and take Zion during March of 2007.Zion’s mother is currently trying to regain legal guardianship of him back! She began this process in August 2008; less than 2 months after my wife was appointed his legal guardian. Joyce took unprecedented legal action with the help of Aunt Martha’s Inc (DCFS) without having one major or minor thing in her life to improve or show reason why she should be giving Zion back. There have been many incidents during these past 2 years that my family has been subjected to at the hands of Aunt Martha’s (DCFS). Our number one objective has and will always be to give Zion a safe, stable and nurturing environment with eventually a focus on education. These key points are needed in order to stop the violence that we have seen just this year that has led to 36 deaths of CPS students as of May 23, 2009. And many other young children who names are unknown that have been kill at the hand or actions of their parents.We know that the full blame should not just be placed at the feet of Joyce Washington; however, she is just a product of her environment within the system (DCFS). The system has been the educator in giving Joyce her PHD in how to use the streets, Zion and the system it self to get what she wants in life.Before this education Joyce requested that my family adopt Zion after asking my sister and her family could not afford to take on this job with out any help from the state. Joyce also knew that we could give Zion a chance that she knew in her environment he would to get his education in the system of DCFS, DOC and one day DOA.Under Joyce unhealthy, unloving, uneducated life style Joyce knew that Zion would never have a chanced. This was Joyce wishes up and until her PHD in the system taught her that having Zion would comes with a $318 monthly allowance at the expense of Illinois taxpayers.During our year long battle in probate court Zion had a very strong GAL; that work on his best interest. This is something that is lacking the second time around under his new GAL; that to this date has never ever meet Zion, nor feel the need to meet with him.The Probate Judge also has become a product of our dysfunctional system by allowing Joyce overnight visits with Zion unsupervised affected ASP. After there a brief hearing this pass Friday May 22, 2009 that open up the facts of more drug use with Zion and Joyce not been able or wanting to feed Zion during her pass 7 hr visited with him.My hope is that someone would have just as much compassion as I do and help bring those things done in the dark to light. We all know that the solution to these problems of our young babies being gun downed in the street is a stronger family nucleus and this is what Zion has in our home. Zion has been in our home for 90% of his life so that my wife has become mother, I Daddy and our kids are his brothers and sister. However, in keeping Zion in our home the System would be changing what we have become to know as the norm now days in the black community.Zion is spending his first night in a bed (we hope) that he does not know with people he does not know having to breath thought the smell of drugs in the air; just so that the Judge, Gal and Aunt Martha’s Inc. can have a good weekend, and Joyce can get her bonus in June of for having the needed number of hours with Zion. I guess it like what the Judge said in this case many times; my family is just the unpaid babysitter until the system if ready to step in and place this child in a revolving door that we have come to know as DCFS!You can look up this case information on line under case # 2007P005201 on the Cook County clerk web site or read more under my blog

Let’s stop this head line today!
Black child Zion is killed or kills at the hands of another!